Steve Perryman

An Evening With Steve Perryman
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The one thing that was obvious when listening to Steve Perryman, was his deep love for all things Tottenham. He conveyed a real sense of being a fan as well as being an integral part of our rich history. He spoke passionately of his experiences, mingling with us Spurs supporters effortlessly, illustrating a willingness to discuss all aspects of being a Spurs fan. His shared frustration of the years of misery that seemed to engulf the majority of the 1990s, particularly his dislike for Sugar regime was clear for everyone to see. His insight into the progress made by the current regime was also interesting, particularly as he is still involved in the game. Many perhaps would provide a stock answer, but our former skipper spoke from the heart. Like many of the legends that we have had the opportunity to meet, Steve had time for everyone; whether to chat about the current state of the game, or sign an autograph, nothing was too much trouble. Many of the games current superstars would do well to take some lessons in humility from our former captain.

Once more, the confined venue provided an intense atmosphere that befits gatherings of this kind. The size of the Famous Ale House really adds a level of intensity that is unmatched by larger venues. It is a cliché, but Steve Perryman really does have Spurs in his blood.

Written by Dan Courtney