Ricky Villa

An Evening With Ricky Villa
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During every FA Cup tournament, we are treated to the exhibition of Ricky Villa weaving his way through the Manchester City defence and finishing coolly into the corner of the net…this piece of history typifies what Ricardo Villa was all about – sublime skill and supreme execution. This evening was held at the Famous Ale House, a smaller venue that generates a real sense of occasion without overpowering and it suited the personality of our guest. He proved to be incredibly humble, recounting his memories in a measured, composed and quiet fashion. It many ways it seemed sad that the man remembered for such breath taking skill has very little direct involvement in the beautiful game. But it seems Ricky has a life after football, living and working on his farm in his native Argentina. In fact, we were privileged to be able to meet with him: this was his only scheduled 2005 appearance within the UK. However, despite pursuing a different track, the fondness with which he holds playing for Spurs was evident alongside an appreciation for players like Glenn Hoddle, who was also blessed with exceptional, though perhaps undervalued talent. His experiences are obviously cherished, similar to our own memories of seeing Ricky play for Spurs. Much like Jimmy Greaves, he demonstrated a real affinity with fans, even taking a moment to converse with Roman in Italian. That small touch exemplified the evenings entertainment – low key, but enjoyable and rewarding.

Written by Dan Courtney