Ossie And Ricky

An Evening With Ossie Ardiles And Ricky Villa
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A Sporting Evening with The Swindon Spurs.
(By Mike Kahn)

For many years now – having travelled to virtually every away match since 1971/72, and been to every home game since October 1971 - I have met thousands of fans at various times, and I have been very aware of the phenomenal support for Spurs from all points of the compass, from both the UK and indeed overseas. I’ve met people who travel to every home game from Carlisle and Torquay, to name but two examples; I cannot match this, but having spent my university days commuting to WHL from Oxford (4 years) and Brighton (one year), I did gain an insight into what it takes to be a regular supporter based outside London.

On Friday 6th November 2009 my wife Sue and I had the pleasure of attending an evening function at the De Vere Hotel in Swindon. arranged by the Swindon branch members of the THFC Supporters’ Trust, at which two of our all time legends Ossie Ardiles and Ricardo Villa were the guests. It was a hugely enjoyable evening, in the pleasant company of dozens of fellow Spurs fans – strangers at a superficial level, but of course all part of the Spurs family, so we instantly felt we were “at home”, even though we had travelled 80 miles to get there; we found out about the event courtesy of an e-mail from a fellow member of the London branch of the Trust.

It became obvious, very quickly, that many people had travelled far greater distances than us to be there; there were fans from Denmark, Eire, the Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and many other locations; all these people – like us – were very excited by the prospect of being entertained by Ossie and Ricky, and we were not disappointed. The Swindon branch had planned an agenda, but it was gratifying how readily both of these genuine all-time heroes of ours were prepared to speak off the cuff, with wit, feeling and above all a genuine love of the club whose shirt they both wore with such distinction.

Good food, good conversation, ample photo and autograph opportunities with the distinguished guests, a raffle with wonderful prizes (all quality Spurs memorabilia which had been sourced by the branch, not donated) – it all made for a fantastic evening which will live in the memory for a long time. But above all, it left me feeling very humble and moved, by the numerous tales I heard of the incredible distances travelled by so many Spurs fans to our games on a regular basis, in spite of all the hassle with trying to get to get match tickets not to mention coping with the appalling public transport in the UK, especially on Sundays, when of course so many games take place. THFC always claim to be aware of, and sensitive to, the incredible devotion of our fans, but do they really know just how amazing this support is? On the evidence of this lovely evening in the company of our friends from Swindon, I would guess that they don’t. Hopefully, as more and more distinguished current and ex-players and managers attend events arranged by the out of London Supporters’ organisations, they will become more aware.

Mike Kahn
(Shareholder, Platinum season ticket holder, member of THFC Supporters’ Trust)

Greetings from "VECTIS SPURS" the Isle of Wight Spurs Supporters Club.

My wife Carol and I would like to congratulate your Supporters Club on organising such a wonderful night at the De Vere Hotel Swindon recently.

To meet 2 of my biggest all time Spurs heroes was amazing. They were both brilliant and funny as well, they were a bit like Saint and Greavsey at times. They were available to everybody for photos and autographs and must have been pretty tired by the end of the evening. They certainly looked as though were enjoying it as much as we did.

The whole event was a credit to your supporters club and committee. It was very professionally organised and presented.

The venue was 1st class, as was the food and the service. The table lay-out and room decoration was also excellent. The raffle and auction items were top notch. The choice of Comedian Drew Cameron was also very good.

You and your members gave us such a warm welcome. We felt as if we were part of your family. I guess that's what unites us as Spurs fans.

We were amazed to meet fans from Spurs Supporters Clubs as far away as Denmark and Ireland. We only had a short ferry ride from the Isle of Wight, which was well worth it.

I was lucky enough to be drawn 2nd out of the hat to win a raffle prize. I chose a really nice signed photo of Clive Allen.(Oh how we could do with a striker today who could knock in 42 goals in a season)

We at Vectis Spurs have been trying for years to get a "Legend" to visit our club on the Island, but to no avail.

We have realised at last that today's players are unapproachable as is the club. So we will have to pay for the services of Ex. players.

In the near future we hope to arrange an event such as yours on the IOW. I'm not sure we could compete with your event, but if we do we would invite all of your members from Swindon and I know you would all be given a very big IOW & Spurs welcome.

Good luck in all you do.

Dave & Carol Duffy, ( Vectis Spurs)