Newcastle (a) 22 March 1986

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Score: 2 - 2
Scorers: Hoddle, Waddle
Att: 30,645

So my first match watching Tottenham was an Easter fixture at St James' Park. We had got the tickets from some friends who were season ticket holders at Newcastle and as my Grand Parents lived near Newcastle, a trip to the North East ensued. Our seats were amongst the Newcastle fans in the stand opposite the dugouts. The away fans were housed in the stand to my right, all stood and cramped together.

I was told not to jump up if we scored so not to annoy all the Newcastle fans near me.

So then the match kicked off. We were awarded a free kick in the opening minutes about 25-30 yards from goal. My favourite player Glenn Hoddle was playing so stood over the ball. And my only memory of the match is watching the ball sail into the net direct from the free kick. I jumped up (I think), but soon sat down, but was surprised by how many other Tottenham fans in the same area did the same!! I seem to recall my dad saying, I hope Newcastle score so everyone goes home happy!! We were indeed in the Newcastle end and then everyone around us knew we were supporting Tottenham.

In the end the match finished 2-2. I couldn't tell you who scored the second until i looked it up in the records. If you were to push me, I would have said Hoddle scored them both but perhaps I may have been a bit biased!!

At the end of the game I remeber the stewards saying any Tottenham fans st stay until all the Newcastle fans had left. We decided to go with the flow and mingle. After all I wasn't allowed to wear my shirt...

And that was it. My first game. Then the Bradford disaster happened and I wasn't taken to any more games. I would have to wait another 11 years before seeing them "live" again. This time it was me who returned the favour and took my Dad....

By Martin Croucher