Memberships - Affiliated

Swindon Spurs has recognised that not everyone lives within an area close to a branch associated with Tottenham, and as such are missing out on some fantastic opportunities. To counter this, we have created a another membership level within The Swindon Spurs. This level of memebrship is called an Affiliated Member.

The affiliated member of Swindon Spurs includes all of the options as a full member except for the fact that you must purchase your tickets on your own behalf. Once you have purchased a ticket however, we can provide transport to all home games and depending on demand some away games as well.

As well as transport, we also host our own legend evenings with some of Tottenhams greats from the past, an annual AGM plus lots of other goodies listed below.

  • All Junior subscriptions are free
  • All OAP & Student subscriptions are half price
  • Exclusive access to attend Spurs Legends Social evenings
  • Choose your Spurs Player of the Year
  • Monthly branch newsletter
  • Cheap, reliable transport to and from White Hart Lane
  • Opportunites to travel abroad on European adventures with other club members
  • Possibly become the Swindon Spurs member of the year

    So to become an affilated Swindon Spurs Member simply go to the memberships - new tab, located on the navigation bar, read the rules, fill out the form and become a member of the one of the largest Spurs clubs in the land.