Martin Chivers & Pat Jennings

An Evening With Martin Chivers And Pat Jennings
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On arriving to our table places were neatly laid for our 10 members, the problem was there were 11 of us who reserved places to be sat together. Because of the size of the tables an extra place was not possible. The satisfactory conclusion to this problem was settled by the promoter Keith Mayo inviting Steven Green to sit on the top table next to Martin Chivers, this solution was greatly appreciated by our group and of course Steven!. The meal consisted of cold tartlet starter followed by a beef joint which Roman was nominated as “Dad” who dutifully sliced up the meat and shared out the neatly cut slices, vegetables were self service . This was followed by a sweet. The evening was not as well attended as with Jimmy Greaves but a great night was had by all. An auction followed with the “highlight” of a replica signed Ricky Villa which fetched approximately £70. This was followed by Martin and Pat reminiscing over some of the highlights of there Spurs career’s Pat explained his move to Arsenal which was a disappointment and didn’t want to leave Spurs but Keith Birkenshaw showed him the door after 14 enjoyable years, nobody at the club wished him well or recognised his contributions to THFC, those people are no longer at the club now. Pat confessed that Tottenham Hotspur was his greatest love over Arsenal. Pat & Martin signed our flag and bus boards. The comedian, who was in a wheel chair, followed with some really funny jokes of which the majority are unprintable but great fun. We all felt that our 30 quid was good value for money & we look forward to the next Spurs related sporting dinner.

Written by Dan Courtney