May I thank all members for their adherence to our guidelines regarding the closing dates for ticket purchases. This has helped the operation run more efficiently and in turn gives our members a club which has the full control over its finances and will not face the problems that beset us last season.

Would those members who use the Internet to make payments into our Swindon Spurs Supporters Club Account please give the details of the Match (if posible) to enable us to allocate the monies to the correct Ticket Purchase Order. I am aware that not all of these bank transactions have the facility to give these details so I must ask ALL MEMBERS using this method of payment to follow up their transaction with an e-mail to ROMAN with the date and breakdown of their payment.

Taking effect from the 1st January 2009 there will be no transfers of monies from match to match. Should a refund be necessary for any match (ie ticket / transport) this will be paid by CHEQUE to the member who made the original purchase and therefore any further ticket / transport purchases must be paid in full.

Any member with existing credit can allocate payments until funds are exhausted.

These measures will further enhance our processes and make an old Treasurer worry free ....................I hope!!